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Beginners Plus Swing Jive Courses

Our Beginners Plus courses are five week courses and don’t always run at all locations. The cost is £50 per student. Please check course locations for up to date information. We currently have two Beginners Plus courses, Beginners Plus ‘A’ and Beginners Plus ‘B’. Both are same level, just with different moves.

The courses, consisting of 5 x 1 hour lessons, are designed to add some styling and flare to your dancing, as well as introducing more advanced moves, some not seen so frequently on the dance scene. We’ll teach two moves per lesson, and revise all eight moves in the fifth revision lesson. Ideally you would have completed both Beginners ‘A’ and Beginners ‘B’ courses prior to enrolling, however this is just a guide. If you’re unsure, please have a word with your instructors.

For students who feel that they would like to progress further, we run Intermediates and Intermediates Plus courses, which focus on more elaborate 6 count Triple step footwork.