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Beginners Swing Jive Courses

Our 10 week Beginners Swing Jive Courses are designed for the complete novice as well as those who’ve danced other dance styles such as modern jive or rock and roll jive.

There are two beginners courses. Beginners ‘A’ and Beginners ‘B’. They are run alternatively on our three terms.

The winter term starts in January, our Spring term in April, and our Autumn term commences in September.

The two beginners courses share some of the core beginner jive moves, however each course also includes some new moves. We recommend students complete both courses, and there’s something different in both to widen your repertoire. Completing both Beginners ‘A’ and Beginners ‘B’ will ensure you have a good understanding of the dance style, and will prepare you for our Beginners Plus Courses.

We actively encourage you to attend the many social dances organised by Jive ‘n’ Boogie as well as other promoters as early in your dance journey as possible. We have an extensive selection of event flyers at all of our classes. Please ask any of the instructors or crew members for more details. Attending social dances is the best way to learn. We’ll teach you the moves on the courses, however many students have remarked how much quicker the learn to dance by attending social dances whenever possible.