Stroll Workshops

Our next stroll workshop is on Sunday November 24th at The Cavern 50's Diner.



ARRIVAL from  10.30am

11.00am.  The London Stroll   We'll take you gently through the steps of this very popular stroll, breaking each section down and building on each section. Finally we'll dance this stroll to some popular tracks often used for strolling at vintage dance events.

12.00am.  The Charleston Stroll    This is probably the most popular and well-liked stroll, and once again we'll teach you the correct steps to the popular Charleston Stroll tunes

1.00pm.   Break for lunch     Please bring your own refreshments and lunch if you're staying for our aftenoon session. Unfortunately neither the bar or kitchen at the Cavern will be available.


2.00pm.  Arrival for afternoon workshop    Ideal for those of you who've already mastered the London and Charleston strolls..

2.30pm  The Boogaloo Stroll    This is a relatively new stroll and is gaining popularity amongst the vintage dance community.

3.30pm   The New York Stroll    This is a very popular stroll danced at most vintage events. Often self taught and not always danced correctly, we'll teach you an easy way to master this stylish stroll!

4.30pm    30 minute practice time    We'll put on a selection of different tunes ideal for the strolls we've taught today. This is your chance to practice and to ask us for help on any strolls we've taught.

5.00pm    End of workshop

Morning Workshop

Afternoon Workshop

Do Both and Save a Fiver! £25.00