Meet the Instructors


Dave is just an all round good guy, and loves to pass on his knowledge to as many people as he possibly can.  He's always on the hunt for something old to rave about, whether it's a vintage artist he's just discovered or a new dance move he's learnt.  Either way you're in good hands with him!

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Diane is just the most wonderful dancer and teacher.  She is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to dance style and technique and just such a fun person to be around.  All our students in Fareham just love everything she brings to her classes.


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Sam brings a whole lot of fun to every lesson and she certainly keeps her dance partner on his toes.  She is so careful to ensure each of her students is firstly having the most fun they can, and secondly understanding everything she teaches.  Everyone at Chichester just loves Sam's classes from start to finish.

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Sam just personifies style and she brings this to her teaching ability.  Every student at Banstead feels at ease when Sam takes a class, and instantly feels the benefit of her dance knowledge.


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Rachael is an all round lover of all things Vintage.  She has a passion for all types of dance and music from the 40's and 50's and she brings this passion to her teaching and boy do the students love her.  Dancing and laughter encompass everything about Rachael's dance classes; if you sign up to Havant you're in for a treat.


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Graham is your a-typical vintage nut and loves all things from yesteryear.  Having run his own dance school and club, albeit for a short time, he just loves everything about teaching people to dance.  He's the fun guy that won't treat you like a mushroom! He brings bags of fun and enthusiasm to his classes and our Chichester students just love him, especially when he makes a mistake.

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Sophie, simply put, is our Vintage Belle and is just so passionate about the era that she brings all that style and talent to her dance classes.  When not teaching for Jive 'n' Boogie, she goes by the name of Miss Mercury, a full time vintage model.  Why not give her instagram a bit of a look see.


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