Here is a little more on Suzi

So we got hold of Suzi, sat her down, and grilled her on her love of the Vintage Dance Scene and all things Swing Jive and Vintage Dance. Here's what she had to say:

What is your favourite vintage dance style/s?

My favourite dance style has to be Swing Jive which is what hooked me and reeled me in right from the start of my dancing. I also enjoy a little bit of Lindy.

Who is/are your favourite vintage or current dance music musician/band or singer?

My favourite band is Joey and the Jivers. They are a fantastic Rock and Roll band, who first inspired me to look into dancing Swing Jive.

What is your favourite vintage look/style?

My favourite vintage style would be good ol' Rock and Roll! I just love those beautiful dresses worn with petticoats - so elegant and stylish

If you were born in a vintage decade would it be 20's, 30's, 40's or 50's and why?

If I were born in a vintage decade, it would be the 50’s with the beautiful dresses and Rock and Roll music! I think it stemmed back to listening to my mum talk about jiving when she was young and her trying to show me how jive as a child.

What has been your bestest ever vintage dance event that you attended?

This has to be the amazing 1950's original Rivoli Ballroom in London! What an atmosphere, and what better band to see there than my favourite Joey and The Jivers!

Do you have a current favourite vintage dance event and why?

My fav dance event that I have been to and can not wait to go back to, is Twinwood, which was my first weekend dance event. Pretty much everyone was dressed up, with some fantastic stalls and great bands - what an amazing atmosphere!

What do you love about teaching?

I'm so looking forward to instructing on my first course! Just to see the progression of the people learning, watching their faces going from concentration, to enjoyment and seeing the smiles on their faces when they are dancing!

What is most important to you as swing jive teacher, when teaching your classes?

The most important thing for me as a Swing Jive instructor is to ensure the connection and tension is learnt, which is a huge factor when dancing - once you have nailed this, everything else will be easier to pick up and we will have you dancing in no time!

In a short paragraph how would you sum yourself up as a vintage dance lover?

To sum myself up as a vintage dance lover would be - ‘Just look at that smile on my face!’ Dancing and watching people dance makes me so happy - everyone is smiling and so friendly - it’s like a secret world - come and join us and experience it for yourselves!