Here is a little more on Sam

So we got hold of Sam, sat her down, and grilled her on her love of the Vintage Dance Scene and all things Swing Jive and Vintage Dance. Here's what she had to say:

What is your favourite vintage dance style/s?

Doh! Swing Jive obviously!  I love watching others dance fast Boogie Woogie and of course Lindy Hop when danced really well.

Who is/are your favourite vintage or current dance music musician/band or singer?

I would have to say Ray Collins Hot Club, but then to be honest any authentic Jump Jive, Swing and Rock 'n' Roll. All are as great to watch as to dance to!

What is your favourite vintage look/style?

Anything with a nipped in waist and ample of curve. House of Foxy, Vivien of Holloway and Seamstress of Bloomsbury recreate perfect dresses for dancing and posing in.

If you were born in a vintage decade would it be 20's, 30's, 40's or 50's and why?

Oh to be a teenager in the 50's!

What has been your bestest ever vintage dance event that you attended?

Twinwood minus the rain!

Do you have a current favourite vintage dance event and why?

Rhythm Riot, Twinwood and Atomic for bands, DJs, shopping, making friends and creating memories.

Do you have a favourite dance move you like to teach, and what?

From our courses there just so many but if pressed I would say bum bumps, with lots of additional sassy styling!

What do you love about teaching?

Watching people develop and grow. The happiness they show on the dance floor when they can dance without having to think about it.

What is most important to you as swing jive teacher, when teaching your classes?

Its really important to me that people have fun and learn in a relaxed atmosphere. Corrections are never critical but ensure the dance move is done right. This way you will always be comfortable on the dance floor and more importantly be able to dance with anyone.

In a short paragraph how would you sum yourself up as a vintage dance lover?

Dancing is just the most fun anyone can have.  There is absolutely nothing better than coming off the dance floor after having a fine dance.  The energy, the moves, its just fantastic and it makes me so happy.