Here is a little more on Sam

So we got hold of Sam, sat her down, and grilled her on her love of the Vintage Dance Scene and all things Swing Jive and Vintage Dance. Here's what she had to say:

What is your favourite vintage dance style/s?

Swing Jive is my favourite dance style, mix that with a sprinkling of Lindy Hop and a cheeky bit of Balboa and I’m in dance heaven. Followed closely by a fast Rock & Roll dance.

Who is/are your favourite vintage or current dance music musician/band or singer?

That's got to be Ray Collins Hot Club, and I love Sister Suzie & The Right Band. And The Revolutionaires!..there are so many!

What is your favourite vintage look/style?

My favourite vintage look/style has got to be 1940’s Hollywood glamour!

Beautifully designed victory rolls accompanied by a well placed flower, an original 40’s dress with cinched in waist and strong shoulder pads.

If you were born in a vintage decade would it be 20's, 30's, 40's or 50's and why?

If I could choose to be born into a vintage decade my first be in my 20’s living in the 1940’s. The 40’s were an incredibly glamorous time both for men & women. Who could resist beautifully designed victory rolls, fitted tailored suits and Dior inspired wiggle dresses with cinched in waists and shoulder pads; and to finish, seamed nylon stockings!

What has been your bestest ever vintage dance event that you attended?

The two dance events I really enjoy are Rhythm Riot and Humdinger. Both events have different styles of music playing in multiple rooms, I enjoy the variety of music, plus the atmosphere is fantastic. People really take the time to dress for the occasion. You see the most stunning vintage outfits both on men and women. And the!!

Do you have a current favourite vintage dance event and why?

The Kanaloa Club is really good fun! 

Do you have a favourite dance move you like to teach, and what?

I don’t favour a particular dance move to teach above any other. What I really enjoy teaching is the fluidity of moving from one move into the next. Helping students develop their ability to have a conversation with another person through the medium of dance. I also champion excellent technique but most of all I believe it’s really important to just have fun.

What do you love about teaching?

What I love about teaching is seeing our students transform from novices into dancers. To see their confidence grow, and to also see their smiles and enjoyment radiating through them and their dancing. That’s a real joy to witness.

What is most important to you as swing jive teacher, when teaching your classes?

The most important element for me as a teacher is to ensure everyone enjoys themselves. It’s up to the individual if they want to advance into more technical steps, but the main thing is simply to have fun.

In a short paragraph how would you sum yourself up as a vintage dance lover?

For me dancing is soul food. It’s a wonderful experience to dance with a stranger and yet have an intimate conversation with that person even though no words have been exchanged. Conversely, to dance with someone you know only serves to add further enjoyment. And with new steps being taught and learnt it’s never boring!! What more can I say...except, go and dance, have your own experiences, smile, and I look forward to dancing with you all in the near future.