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What I need to know for my first course

Congratulations!  You’ve chosen the ONLY dance organisation teaching this authentic style on the South Coast!

If you’re considering enrolling on one of our highly acclaimed Beginners Swing Jive Courses, here’s some answers to some common questions:

Why choose Swing Jive?

Authentic Swing Jive is a partner dance. It’s based around 6 count footwork, and is very similar to East Coast Swing/Jittabug. The footsteps danced are a simpler version of Lindy Hop. Because it’s a simpler version, it can be taught more quickly, and danced to faster music. It’s danced internationally at ALL vintage dance events. It is NOT 50’s Rock and Roll Jive, which uses basic 4 count footwork, although we do adapt some basic rock and roll jive moves to fit this style. Because of it’s versatility you can dance this style to 40’s Big Band swing music or the faster 50’s Rock & Roll and Rhthym &Blues music from the  USA.

Do we need to bring a partner to learn with?

No!  Although we have many couples joining our courses, it’s not essential to bring a partner.

We have a crew of experienced dancers who very kindly donate their time on class nights to partner students who come on their own. It’s not uncommon for ladies to learn the mens steps and moves so that they can dance with other ladies [follows] at dances. If you are a lady considering joining one of our courses, you may want to ask a friend to join you to learn with. You could then go to social dances and dance with each other.

During the lessons, we may rotate partners. It’s really important to dance with others and will make you a better dancer as you’ll learn to lead or follow rather than predict what your regular partner is doing.  This is recommended, but not essential!  If you’d prefer to stay with your partner, just let your instructors know prior to the class.

During the class the instructors may also dance with you or your partner. This is to ensure that you’re performing the move correctly. This may be a little daunting initially, but please give yourself time to get used to this. We’ll only do this whilst everyone else is practicing so no-one will be watching!

Do we have to enrol straight away?

No. You can come along and try your first week free of charge! We’re so confident that you’ll want to join us that we’ll give you a chance to try out this great dance first! If you’d like to join us you can pay be Debit Card or cash after your lesson. If not, then you’ve had an hours tuition free of charge!

What do we wear?

You should wear loose comfortable clothing, perhaps multi layers in case you get too hot. The ladies should wear comfortable slip on flat shoes with a non stick sole to ease turning and spinning. This is not so essential in the early weeks of the course, so please ask us for advice on where to by some suitable footwear.