Dance Classes...

The Downtown Jump Joint will be holding dance classes and DJ dance spots from 1.30pm



with Gypsy John

If you dance swing jive, Lindy-hop, East Coast Swing or any kind of 40's/50's dance style, don't miss this rascinating history lesson from the master.

In just 1 hour John will guide us through the era demonstarting the different styles and sharing his extensive knowledge of tese dance style and their origin.


Chichester Lindy Hoppers

Our good friends Mark and Ellie will also be teaching for us! Chichester Lindy Hoppers have a great following in Chichester and surrounding areas, so they were the obvious choice for a Lindy Hop class at this years Downtown Jump.

Their classes held in Chichester every week cover basic 6 and 8 count format and both Charleston and Lindy Hop style.

We're so pleased that they're back this year teaching for us!

Andrew Hall

We're so lucky to have The Reverend Boogie come teach for us!

He'll teach two authentic 50's strolls - The Continental, and the Chalypso.

Then he'll be back a little later to teach the fun 20's dance style The Heel Shag.