It's DJ heaven at The Downtown Jump!


Gypsy John

Gypsy John started collecting rock n roll records on vinyl and shellac when he was 14 years old, selling his school dinner tickets so he could buy another cheap mfp lp ! After becoming a national lindy hop teacher and being brought up on jazz and boogie woogie by his jiving parents he started collecting swing music on cd and now has somewhere in the region of 25,000 vintage dance tunes from the 1930's to the late 1950's on cd. He was resident DJ at the War & Peace Show for 10 years, Pickering War Weekend and has DJ’d at many vintage festivals including the Rhythm Riot, Hep Cats Holiday and Friskin The Whiskers. His philosophy is, ' if it's good you'll dance to it '

A true legend, we are realy honoured to have him play and teach for us at The Downtown Jump!



All the way from Kent, Slimboy has played many R&B weekenders and is well known for his authentic playlist of cracking Rhythm & Blues tracks straight from the 50's.

He'll be keeping the dancefloor busy in the Jump Joint between the dance classes!

Tom Dean

Tom is firm favourite here at Jive 'n' Boogie, and in East Sussex where  he's run several big regular rock and roll record hops and band nights.

He's played for us many times and we can't wait for him to keep the music playing between the bands at the Downtown Bandstand.

Reverend Boogie

Reverend Boogie [AKA Andrew Hall] will be playing song great swing and 40's/50's tunes in the Jump Joint.

He'll also be running some super dance classes in the afternoon!