Every week on our beginners courses, we'll play carefully chosen 50's tunes to learn and practice to.

Here's a list of the tracks for you to play and practice to ...

Week 1

Chicken Shack Boogie

Amos Milburn

Let's Do The Stroll

Donnie Elbert

Good Treatment

Margie Hendrix

Week 2

Breath Of Air

The Squires

I Ain't Gonna Cry For You

Billy Ward & The Dominoes


Just You and Me

Peppermint Harris

Week 3

Just To Say Hello

Jessie Belvin

The Watusi

Chubby Checker

How You've Changed

Tiny Topsy

Week 4

Havin' A Good Time

The Dovells

Wear Your Black Dress

Willie Egan

I'll Always Be In Love With You

The Hurricanes

Week 5

Dance With Me Georgie

The Bobbettes

Give a little time

Alla Mae Morse

Ookey Ook

The Penguins

Week 6

Alrighty, Oh Sweetie

The Clovers

Two Hearts

The Charms

She's Gone Gone

The Penguins

Week 7

Good Rockin' Tonight

The Treniers

I didn't Want To Do It

The Spiders

White Port & Lemon Juice

The Bel-Aires

Week 8

Cool Dynaflow

Bug Joe & The Dynaflows

Palm of your hand

Dolly Lyon


Happy Dippy Daddy

The Cookies

Week 9

Happy Dippy Daddy

The Cookies

Sweet Love

The Penguins

Oh! Watcha Do!

The Cadillacs

Week 10

Please Don't Tell 'Em

The Blue Dots

Ding Dong School

Tommy Ridgley

Mean Poor Gal

Fletcher Smith