If you come along to The Cavern or Suzi Q's, you're sure to hear some of these authentic 50's tunes!

Here's a selection of original Doo-Wop tracks

Oh Wow, Oh wee - The Searchers

A1 in my heart  - The Spiders

Can't do 60 no more - The Du-Droppers

Feeling alright this morning - The Highlighters

Beans & greens - The NuTones

Ooh Wee - The Serachers

Let's fall in love - The Willows

And how about some good 'ol roots         Rock & Roll

Rock and Roll baby - Mercy Baby

Whatcha gonna do - Clyde Mc Phatter

Miss Shake It - Ba Ba Thomas

Slow Down - Larry Williams

How long must I wait for you - The Rays

Shake Rattle & Roll - Big Joe Turner

Hard Knocks - Elvis Presley

And here are some authentic early 50's/late 40's American Rhythm & Blues

Welcome Home Baby - King Perry

Savoy's Jump - Jimmy McCracklin

Chicken Shack Boogie - Amos Milburn

Bom Bom Lulu - The R&B Bombers

Roly Poly Mama - Harry Crafton

She's got me Hook LIne & Sinker - Smiley Lewis

Jam Up - Tommy Ridgley