Beginners Course Consolidation Workshop

Our consolidation workshops are very popular amongst our beginners! It's an opportunity to revisit 5 of the most popular moves that we've taught you on the Beginners course and put them together in a sequence. This means that you'll be able to confidently dance a selection of moves at a social dance, and slowly you'll expand on these moves and change the sequance. And before you know'll be enjoying dancing moves in any order!

For just £15 you'll get 2 hours of in depth tuition on the moves revisited, and joining them together to 'freestyle'.

Here's what some of our beginners said after the workshop:

"Now we can join moves together and enjoy the dancing"

"What a great Idea! The best 2 hours, money well spent!"

"Now I feel we can actually dance at a dance evening"

"It's like putting together all of the parts of a jigsaw puzzle"


End of Term Consolidation Workshop Wednesday 15th December 2021

2 Hour Workshop - £15 per person

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St Georges Church Hall, Waterlooville

St Georges Walk