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Why choose Jive 'n' Boogie?

That's easy! You’ve found the ONLY dance organisation teaching this authentic style of 6-count jive on the south coast as a ten week structured beginners course!

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If you’re considering enrolling on one of our highly acclaimed Beginners Swing Jive Courses, here are some answers to common questions:

Why choose Swing Jive?

Perhaps you've already tried Lindy-Hop and found this too energetic?  If you prefer the slightly faster Rhythm & Blues or Rock & Roll music this may be harder to dance Lindy-Hop to. Or maybe you've learned Modern Jive or Ceroc/Leroc. Whilst these styles are suitable for slower tempo modern music, you may struggle to dance to tunes from the 40's and 50's in this style. It just doesn't look or feel 'right'.

Even if you've never danced a step in your life, as long as you can tap your feet to the great vintage sounds of Glenn Miller, Chuck Berry or Jerry Lee Lewis [to name just a few] we're sure you'll be dancing this style after just one course!

Swing Jive, along with East Coast Swing are the original dance styles that were around in the 40's and 50's when Rock and Roll, Swing and Rhythm and Blues was most popular, and they were the 'dance styles' of that era. So if you like the Big Band sounds of the 40's, or Rhythm & Blues or Rock & Roll of the 50's and early 60's this is the style to learn!

Do I need to bring a partner to learn with?

No!  Although we have many couples joining our courses, it’s not essential to bring a partner.

We have a crew of experienced dancers who very kindly donate their time on class nights to partner students who come on their own. However we only have so many at each location, so it's a good idea to reserve your place if you're planning on joining a course.

It’s not uncommon for ladies to learn the mens steps and moves so that they can dance with other ladies [follows] at dances. If you are a lady considering joining one of our courses, you may want to ask a friend to join you to learn with. You could then go to social dances and dance with each other.

Lead and Follow - What do we mean?

The term LEAD usually refers to the man. The lead's role is to decide what move comes next and cause the FOLLOW to help complete the move by either physically moving the FOLLOW in a particular direction, or signalling in some way which move is about to occur. The LEAD can be either a lady or man, however the two roles are very different and need to be learned one at a time by way of a course or private lessons. We do not advise changing your role part way through a course. Many ladies choose to learn the alternative role but only once they are competent in their current role as lead or follow.

What do we wear to classes?

You should wear loose comfortable clothing, perhaps multi layers in case you get too hot. The ladies should wear comfortable flat shoes with a non stick sole to ease turning and spinning.

We have ladies plain black canvas shoes ideal for lessons and dancing on sale at class evenings at just £9.99