What is Swing Jive?

Swing Jive is one of the most popular vintage dance styles, danced at all vintage dance events.

In itself, it’s not a style as such but more a collection of different styles from the 30s, 40s and 50s incorporating Charleston, Lindy-Hop, East Coast Swing and 50s Rock & Roll Jive.

Based on a 6 count footwork pattern, it’s versatility is it’s ability to be danced to a faster Rock & Roll beat, as well as slower Swing music with equal ease.

Our tried and tested Beginners Courses teach you the basic footwork together with popular jive moves that ‘fit’ this style perfectly, and look authentic when danced to R&B, Swing and Rock & Roll.


Swing Jive is danced in 6 count single time, where as East Coast Swing is danced as 6 count double time, and Lindy-Hop is 6 and 8 count triple time, or more commonly described as triple step.

First came Charleston, then Lindy Hop, then the G.I's introduced us to East Coast Swing more commonly known as Jittabug. Swing Jive devolped from this as the dance music of the 50's became faster. When Rockabilly and faster Rock & Roll became really popular, 50's Jive with basic 4 count step pattern took over to allow fast turns and moves.

Two of our beginners plus students enjoying social dancing!