Intermediate Swing Jive Courses

So now you are looking for a bit more of a challenge and a way to expand your dance!

Have you completed our Beginners A & B courses, and our Beginners Plus A & B. Or perhaps you’re looking at just progressing your dancing further?  If so these courses are for you.  Each course consists of five  1 hour lessons costing £50 per student, and usually run after our Beginners lessons.                                                                                Please see different course locations as we run these depending on demand in that area.

On these courses we change up a gear and teach the 6 count triple step footwork [also known as basic 6 count Lindy], and some more 8 count Charleston moves. We also include some unique moves definitely not seen often on the social dance scene. And there’s more! If you’d like to try something really different, try our top level advanced Intermediates Plus Course


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