About Us

Jive ‘n’ Boogie's Swing Jive Dance School is owned and run by David Lovegrove. David and his team organise vintage swing Jive classes and social Jive dance events in Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex.

The aim is to provide quality Jive dance classes for beginners. Jive 'n' Boogie teach the fundamental steps and Jive moves that are danced at all vintage events. We pride ourselves in being the only Jive dance school on the south coast teaching this Jive style as part of a progressive structured 10 week beginners Jive dance course.

As well as providing swing Jive dance classes, Jive 'n' Boogie also organise dance events for their students to attend and enjoy, and are happy to refer their students to other local Jive dances.

JIve 'n' Boogie is constantly listening, revising and improving it's Swing Jive dance courses based on customer feedback and experiences from its great crew of dance instructors and Jive Crew. We welcome your comments and feedback to continuously improve its Jive courses.

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Dave Lovegrove (left)